Seeing a dog experience snow is like watching a child experience Christmas, it's magical! Their eyes light up, they can't wait to roll around in it and live their best lives. Sure we have to dig our cars our and shovel our walk ways but the fur babies are happy and that's all that matters, right?

Deb McGrath took to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page to share this photo of her three labs playing a game of leap frog in the snow.

Deb McGrath via U Local New Hampshire Facebook
Deb McGrath via U Local New Hampshire Facebook

I think it is safe to say these three are all jazzed up about the storm that's brewing.

Are your dogs obsessed with the snow? Send us videos! I love when they try to catch flakes on their tongue or run and jump in big piles! It brings me great joy and makes me forget that I hate Winter (for just a second).

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