Folks from New England and beyond know this infamous structure as Faneuil Hall. I have been going into Boston with my family and friends and taking pictures in this area for YEARS and never knew how Faneuil Hall got its name. I recently learned the backstory of this building and may I say it's pretty messed up.

According to WMUR, Peter Faneuil was a dude who lived in Boston in the 1700s. He became an important part of something called the Triangular Trade which involved slaves being sent to the west Indies and molasses and sugar were delivered to the colonies in exchange.

Old Pete Faneuil pushed construction on the building and passed away six months after it opened. They named the building Faneuil Hall in his honor.

Boston religious leaders are pushing back and saying that the name represents a time in our nation that we are not so proud of. A time where oppression and dehumanization were prominent. It made me wonder why we have held on to this dark piece of our nations history for so long..

But what would the new name be? They are considering naming it after Crispus Attucks who was killed in the Boston Massacre.

What do you think they should do? Take our poll below:

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