I've never been one that eager to join the cosplay community. Dressing up as Harry Potter, Dr. Who or Lara Croft has never been a desire of mine. Okay, maybe I secretly wish I could dress like Lara Croft.

This new Chewbacca hoodie? This changes everything. I need to own this now. Sure, it might be fun to wear to the new Star Wars movie when it opens up in December. It would be far more fun to wear to a fancy restaurant, wedding, or grocery shopping. Honestly, the coolness of this hoodie is amplified the further from any Star Wars context it is.

chewie hoodie
credit wearefine.com

Welovefine.com has this hoodie for sale (model who appears coked out not included) for $60. Even if you don't fancy yourself a furry, that's money well spent!

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