Heather Horn took to the U Local New Hampshire Facebook page to share a whole lot of cuteness with the group and it was extremely well received. Behold a newborn baby llama and his mama in Contoocook, New Hampshire at Filedstone Farm Llamas.

All together now: "awwwwww!"

Allow me to take this opportunity to answer some FAQ's (frequently asked questions) that were addressed in the comments.

Can I drive by and look at the llamas?

Absolutely! Heather says there is a spot at the fence down by the road that people usually stop to admire the llamas.

Can I come over and pet the Llamas?

Unfortunately, llama meet and greets are not available during the pandemic.

Where are these Llamas located?

819 Clement Hill Rd, Contoocook, NH 03229

Is there a website I can visit for more llama info? 

Yes! Fieldstone Farm Llamas has a website, though it doesn't appear to be updated. They sell llama yarn, offer hiking with llamas (not during a global pandemic), and even have cute pictures of llamas in costume. 

Thank you Heather, for adding some much-needed cuteness to my Facebook feed. Please keep the baby llama pics coming!

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