My new obsession is checking out all the amazing wildlife pictures people post on the u local New Hampshire Facebook page. A new member named Marilyn Meadows Bernstein has been sharing incredible photos of a Barred Owl she encounters during her walks in the woods. She must have a really nice camera! This creature is breathtaking in photos, I can't imagine how exciting it must be see one in real life.

Here she is taking a midday snooze in a tree: (I decided the owl is a "she" because that eye make up is on point, honey!)

Here she is up close in personal whispering "Look into my eyes, child. Tell me what you see."

I like to call this photo "Look back at it"

Here she is showing off her wingspan while looking for lunch:

We are so lucky to live in a part of the country where we can witness beautiful creatures in nature just doing their 'thang'. Thanks for sharing these incredible photos, Marilyn.

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