Geese Mate for life

This sweet story comes from down the Cape in Barnstable from  A Canadian goose named Arnold has lived close to the Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center with his mate for years.  The geese mostly stayed away from people and people stayed away from them.  Then, this happened.

The Staff Noticed Arnold Was Limping

One day, the staff noticed that Arnold was trying to walk, but couldn't put any weight on one of his feet and kept falling over.  Lucky for Arnold, he had trained human animals who specialize in fixing him up, so they scooped him up and found that he had two fractures in that foot.  The staff assumed that Arnold was potentially attacked by a snapping turtle or another predator while swimming.

Arnold's Mate Found Him and Wanted IN

The staff at the Center heard this tapping and they discovered a goose, Arnold's mate who was very agitated, trying to get inside of the Center to see her beloved.  When the staff put the two together, she immediately calmed down and started to groom him.

Here's a little bit about the Wildlife Center from their website:

Together we work to provide veterinary and rehabilitative care to sick, injured, and orphaned wild animals. In the process of caring for these patients we work to educate members of the  public and spread the message of environmental conservation.


Here's the video from WCVB

All You Need is Love

Some types of Wolves, Beavers, Monkeys, Mice, vultures, and lizards all mate for life.  Particularly interesting coupling is the wolves.  The Alpha Male and Alpha Female mate for life, have their litters, and provide stability for the pack.

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