According to the National Institute For Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, those of us residing in the Granite State drink more alcohol than any other state in the nation.
The average New Hampshire resident drinks 4.65 gallons of booze a year. So which New Hampshire city likes to booze it up the most?

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Well, it could be Manchester. After all, it is the biggest city in the state, and it has more bars than any other. But Manchester won't be drinking a toast to be the drunkest.

Perhaps it's Durham. I mean it is the home of the University of New Hampshire. And we all know college kids love a great kegger. Nope! Not Durham.

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The drunkest city in New Hampshire is Portsmouth. Besides a wealth of breweries,  Portsmouth  has the most bars and liquor stores per capita of any other city in the state.

So the next time you're looking for a party, the place to toss back a cold one is Portsmouth, NH.