I never thought porcupines could be so precious until I laid eyes on this sweet little pin cushion:


He was posted on the r/newhampshire Reddit thread by a user named donkeyduplex. Apparently this fluffy angel was spotted near the high school in Amherst, New Hampshire along the Souhegan.

Donkeyduplex said in the comments that their puppy saw the porcupine and wanted to give it a hug and that's when he hightailed it up in a tree! It was probably the best decision for both parties.

A Reddit user named allaspiaggia decided to weigh in on the conversation by sharing a tale about her dog who has it out for porcupines. allaspiaggia explains her dog continues to seek vengeance on the four porcupines who have done her wrong. She hasn't learned her lesson! It’s her life’s mission to murder all porcupines. The user then recommends a vet called Caves in Concord for porcupine quill removal. That's where allaspiaggia went for her dog's first major encounter (600+ quills at 7pm on a Friday) and they did a phenomenal job.

As a new member to Reddit, I am quickly learning that it is a very interesting place. You can see cute pictures of porcupines and get vet recommendations for if/when your dog comes quill to face with one.

Oh and don't forget the fun facts about porcupines! Another user chimed in and said that porcupines routinely fall out of trees. As such, they are the only mammal in north america that has antibiotics that are evolutionary since they routinely stab themselves thousands of times after falling. Is this true? If so, it's pretty nutso!


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