Lexy Leddy took to The (un)official City of Portsmouth Facebook group to share this spooky Halloween selfie she took in Rye, New Hampshire. I think this is all kinds of awesome, Lexy's face is unbelievable! I'm not a huge scary movie fan but I THINK this is supposed to Samara from The Ring? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Lexi Leddy via Facebook

Lexy says people should go check out Samara if they are ever in Rye. The house is down Brackett Rd onto Parsons towards Wallis Sands and is on the right. You can't miss it!

Apparently some other people in the group have already seen her:

Alexandra Turk: I saw that on Sunday and nearly veered off the road!

Beaut Anchana: I saw that the other night! I almost pooped myself. ‍♀️

Beaut Anchana via Facebook

OMG that would scare me too!!

Bren Jennings: Yes she's so great!

If you are wondering if trespassing on someone's property is necessary to capture a picture like this, someone in the comments said you are able to get the shot from the street.

This is a different house in North Hampton that has Samara on their front porch:

Sarah Elizabeth via Facebook

and here it is at night....

Sarah Elizabeth via Facebook

If you end up taking a selfie with Samara this spooky season, share the pic with us in the comments!

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