On my list of life's pet peeves not much ranks higher than people leaving their shopping cart in the parking lot. How difficult is it for them to walk a few extra steps and place it in the cart corral like a civilized human being? I'd be willing to bet the same person who leaves a cart sit in the middle of a parking space would be the first person to throw a temper tantrum if their car got dinged by a loose cart.

I actually exchanged words a few days ago with a guy who refused to take the time to put his cart away. Instead he shoved into the parking spot next to his...even though the corral was right next to the parking spot. When I asked him why he was leaving it there instead of putting it away, he told me "That's what Hannaford pays those kids to do." When I disagreed, he told me to mind my own business, and he drove away.

Well you can imagine what I thought about that attitude. I'd love to tell you exactly what I said, but sometimes my mom reads what I write about...and she hates it when I curse. So let your imagination run wild...and I'll bet I was still worse than that! Sorry, Mom.

I just think if this woman is willing to put her cart away in this weather...then the guy I spoke to shouldn't have a problem doing the same thing...on a perfectly sunny day.

However, it's good to know not everyone in New Hampshire and Maine are like that jerk. Here's what some of you think about putting away your shopping cart when finished loading your groceries into the car.

But of course there are always few that make excuses or just flat out don't care...

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