I love a good speakeasy! A trip to CodeX in Nashua will transport you to a time where booze wasn't even legal (if you can believe it!) but people still found a way to get cocktails on the down low.

This place looks like your regular old used book store from the outside. Never in a million years would you think, "Hey, I bet they serve alcohol in there!"

Apparently, there is a secret side door on Elm Street and upon entering you will see a full bookcase with old-timey books covering the shelves. One of the books is meant for you to pull and it opens a door. Low and behold, a fully stocked bar will await you on the other side.

Here is that book up close:

All kinds of delicious vintage cocktails are available on the other side of that bookshelf. I'm talking Moscow Mules, Martinis, you name it!

And if you are disappointed because you were expecting a book store, fear not! All of the books are actually for sale :)

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