I have a college friend who has a lot of family living in Puerto Rico. While the hurricane was happening and days after he was terrified because he had no way to get in touch with them to see if they were ok. FINALLY, he was able to check in with his family and got the word that everyone was okay. Which of course is the most important thing however it is going to be a long road to rebuilding the life that was washed away by the storm.

My friend told me that the volunteer efforts are really strong and everyone is uniting for this cause. People who you would think need help the most are stepping up to help others during this trying time.

19-year-old Christopher Rodriguez has to be the most amazing example of this. Christopher has been homeless since he was 16. He waited out the storm alone in a taxi terminal which must have been terrifying. According to CNN, After the storm passed, he reached out to a group that was helping victims.  But not because he wanted help. He wanted to help OTHER people.

For the past month, he's been helping a group of volunteers that are working to supply people in more remote areas with essentials. He puts together care packages and then carries them across a river to hand them out.  He says he feels like it's given him a purpose in life and he's even making friends! The photo above is on his 19th birthday that he celebrated with his fellow volunteers. He said it felt like he was spending it with family which is something he hasn't done in a long long time.

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