Larissa Tenters is the proud owner of Penelope the pig. She describes Penelope as 750 pounds of pure love! Penelope gets only the best for her meals. Neighbors, friends, and family come by to drop off leftovers.

As you can imagine it takes a lot of food for Penelope to maintain that piggish figure.

The other day she was enjoying her meal so much she decided to roll around in it!

Larissa caught the moment on camera and shared it with the U local New Hampshire Facebook page:

This big pig energy is what we all need in our lives. I reached out to Larissa to learn more about sweet lady Penelope:

Thank you for wanting to share Miss Penelope’s sweetness. She is an 8-year-old Duroc pig who has lived at Deoss Farm in Concord for the last six years. Deoss Farm is the last farm within the city limits of Concord to have a pig.

Larissa says Miss Penelope has a personality like no other. She comes to you when called and also responds to "Pretty Lady". She has a few chicken room mates that live in her pen with her but she is by far the friendliest animal on the farm.

Penelope understands the art of a selfie and will smile when Larissa pulls the camera out. Always ready to “ham” it up. (Get it?!)

Larissa Tenters
Larissa Tenters

Larissa invited me to the farm to meet this sweet girl and I might just take her up on that offer! OF COURSE I'll bring food for Penny because I want her to like me. :)

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