I know this has been a roller coaster winter thus far regarding the temperatures. And I know that wreaks havoc regarding potholes.

But I'm here to suggest my daily commute takes me over one of the worst roads in New Hampshire.

Court Street in Dover, which turns into Middle Road, is filled with potholes (mostly the Court Street section).

I have to drive either straight down the middle, or on the opposite side of the street everyday to avoid doing extensive damage to my vehicle.

Thankfully the first part of my commute is early in the morning and there's not a lot of traffic that would be deter me from driving on the wrong side of the street.

But every other time of the day, you'll find me driving like my grandmother, going slow and dodging those potholes that look like they're going to turn into sinkholes.

If you've driven this road, you'll probably agree with me.

If not, let me know what road you find the worst.

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