This may be the best news you read all week; a New England state with a "pothole law."

car and pothole

Spring is awesome, with a few exceptions. One, mother nature still has a few last minute snowstorms to inevitably throw our way. Good news: They tend to melt within 24-48 hours. Two, the road situation is a mess. Our vehicles tend to be gross inside and out, and warm and cold temps turn New England worn roads into a surface which resembles the moon. You immediately tense up upon hitting one, not because it physically hurts, but because it is going to damage your bank account.

Not so fast. One New England state has said you may not be responsible. According to News Center 6, Maine has a "pothole law."

It's 23 MRSA, Chapter 313. Cities and towns may be held liable for damages sustained as a result of a pothole. The law further states if a motorist sustains damages or injuries as a result of a pothole and they notify the city/town in which that pothole is located, that city/town is required to make repairs within 24 hours of that notice, otherwise it can be held liable for the damages.

According to the article, drivers should keep in mind that if they want to make a claim for damages, they have 180 days from the date of the incident to file the claim with the city or town.


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