He allegedly jumped into the bucket of a loader truck as he was determined to stop pothole repairs in Dover.

This time of year, driving on New Hampshire roads can be like competing in a maze, dodging potholes which have sprung during winter. While being one of the first vehicles over a freshly filled pothole can be aggravating, they are mostly a welcome sign of improved travel.

Not to one Dover man.

According to the Union Leader, Rick Hebbard was arrested after trying to prevent potholes from being repaired. Earlier this month, the city’s director of community services granted a neighbor permission to fill in potholes on Old Garrison Road, which runs past the Hebbards’ farm. Hebbard's wife, Mary objected, and received a temporary injunction to prevent the work. She cites the neighbor's family travelling the dirt road at excessive speeds furthering the pothole problem.

The Union Leader stated On April 16, a contractor selected by the neighbor was attempting to work on the disputed part of the road. Mary and Rick Hebbard approached the site and began shouting that the work must stop. Lt. Brant Dolleman of the Dover Police Department said Rick Hebbard rushed past a uniformed detail officer and hopped into the bucket of a loader. “At one point, he grabbed a rake and shoved a worker off balance,” Dolleman said.  He was arrested for simple assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He is expected to appear in Dover Circuit Court on June 3, according to the Union Leader.

As of this week, no decision had yet been made as to whether the Hebbards will have to accept the roadwork to fix the potholes. The Hebbard's own Ticked Off, which sells tick removal devices



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