Put it this way; It's likely Tom Brady envies HIM.

When the New England Patriots take on the Los Angeles Rams Sunday, thousands will flood Atlanta, including one Mainer who has been to every single game. That's right, Sunday makes all 53.

Meet Kennebunkport, Maine's Don Crisman. The 82 year old will continue his tradition of attending every game. According to WMUR News 9, he is one of two surviving members of the original group of five recognized by the NFL as attending each Super Bowl. His first cost $12, and tickets for Sunday's game cost $1,600. He said he has all his tickets.

What keeps him going? Being a Patriots fan doesn't hurt. In fact, it helped keep his streak alive. He told WMUR "I said I'm going to go to 30 and quit. Well, the Patriots get in 31. I had to go, and I don't like odd numbers, so I said I'll shoot for 35. Patriots get in 36, ah well, make it to 40. Then I made a promise to my wife I'd quit for sure at 50, and now the Patriots have been in three times in a row."






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