Unlike others around the country, including one nearby, a northeastern community has decided to skip the #skipthestraw movement.

According to the Lowell Sun, officials have suggested that the city of Lowell should deter restaurants and cafes from including plastic straws in their products. This is an answer to an outright ban. They cited potential impact on people with disabilities and senior citizens.
The Sun reported The Lowell City Council Environment and Flood Issues Subcommittee voted 2-0 for the Department of Planning and Development to create a program that would discourage the use of plastic straws in establishments throughout the city. Later, Lowell's full City Council voted 8-0 to send the proposal to the Department of Planning and Development.

City Councilor Karen Cirillo was quoted by the Lowell Sun ""This is a step in the right direction for Lowell." "If we could mitigate some trash issues and environmental issues without hurting any of the elderly and disabled, then that's a win.

Just last week, Chelmsford, MA voted 55-45 to ban plastic straws and stirrers. This occurred during their town meeting.

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