When daylight saving time strikes in New England, I feel like our days become a special kind of gloomy. It feels like we only see the light of day for two hours a day (I'm exaggerating for dramatic effect) and the sunny days are few and far between. Woe is me!

A website called bestplaces.net ranked the top gloomiest cities in the good 'ol U.S of A. All of the states on this list endure cloudy, bitter cold Winters so there are no big surprises there. Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon top the list at numbers one and two. The site states that both cities are known for their coffee shops and love of the 90’s “grunge” music genre which is basically the perfect soundtrack to a gloomy day.

Our own Boston, MA came in at number ten. According to the Dailyfreepress, Boston received a 67.80 Gloom Score. What the heck is a gloom score, you ask? The site gathered data and calculated the percentage of cloud coverage, average hours of daylight and number of days without rain from November to January. This gloom scale is the real deal.

The site reminds us that since we live in an area with high gloom rates we are more likely to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is important to exercise regularly, eat healthy and have plenty of social interaction to counteract those Winter blues.

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