It doesn't happen often, but with any sport, the playoffs are a big deal.  The Boston Bruins making the second round of playoffs is a huge deal, so anything in the way gets rescheduled.

The question is, does an event get rescheduled for after the playoffs are over, or do you tuck it where you can that's closest to the original date?

Yes, that's what happened with the "Standing Room Only" Tim McGraw concert, scheduled for Friday night, May 10.

Fortunately for hockey fans, the Bruins made it to the second round of playoffs, but for music fans, it's a little annoying.  The TD Garden and NHL have scheduled Game 3 for Friday, so the concert has to move to Wednesday, May 8.

Jason Kempin/Getty Image
Jason Kempin/Getty Image

What if you're a hockey fan and a Tim McGraw fan?  The good news is you can watch your B's on Monday and Friday, but on Wednesday, it's all about going to see Tim McGraw and Carly Pearce at the TD Garden.  Compromise is sometimes tough.

If you are in a situation where you spent your hard-earned money for the concert tickets and cannot attend on the new date, you can go to your point of purchase and get a refund, according to the TD Garden site.

If you are holding original May 10 tickets, those will be honored on Wednesday, May 8, so there's no need to do anything except show up.  While you may be checking the score while you're enjoying McGraw singing "Live Like Your Are Dying", it's all part of being a Boston sports fan who is also an avid country music fan.

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