A wise man once said, "fried clams are to New England what barbeque is to the south". Don't ask me who said it. I saw it on Wikipedia. People flock to New England in the Summertime to enjoy the food we really take pride in; seafood! Specifically FRIED seafood. That is where we really thrive. Back in July of 1916, a guy named Lawrence "Chubby" Woodman served up the first batch of fried clams ever at his roadside seafoodery, Woodman's of Essex.

The tradition of filling hungry bellies with fried clams continues more than 100 years later! Woodman's is still open and has been called "The Best Seafood in America" by Forbes magazine. Their quintessential New England look serves as a beautiful backdrop for clam bakes, family reunions, and even weddings!

Also, here is a fabulous gift idea for the fried clam lover in your life. Chubby's Fried Clam Kit! It includes their traditional fried seafood batter, shucked steamer clam,  and just about everything else you need to make a Woodman’s fried clam feast in the comfort of your own home!

Have you enjoyed a fried clam roll at the very place where they were invented? I haven't. But you best believe it is on my Summer bucket list!

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