You've been thinking about adopting a dog, right?  The kids persistently beg for a dog.  They never stop asking why your family doesn't have a dog, and everyone else does, right?

There's something about children and pets that creates a special bond, but that bond with an animal can be special for anyone if they open up their hearts.

Adopting a pet is very rewarding, but it does have to be a good match between the dog and the owner.

New England Lab Rescue is a great place to adopt, especially if you are a lab-lover.

New England Lab Rescue via Facebook
New England Lab Rescue via Facebook

For example, look at this beautiful chocolate Labrador Retriever named Elliot.  He's a handsome guy waiting to be adopted, as his circumstances at his human home have changed.  He's noted to be affectionate, loyal, compassionate, and willing to share his toys.

Elliot is smart, teachable, and loves to catch a ball.

If you have one and only one pet you want to adopt, this fella is for you.  He likes to be the sole pet in the house, as he's very protective of his human pals but not fond of other furry creatures in the home. He loves humans and is loyal, so whether you are young or older and looking for that special "one", Elliot is a great companion.

There are many great shelters in New England, so if you are thinking about finding your soul-pet, go for it!  If you're specifically looking for a lab, try New England Lab Rescue. They have sweet Elliot and many more labs who need a home (or a foster parent to start).

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