The good news in a recent survey published in PR Newswire states that nationwide, 80% of workers are happy with their boss.  The bad news, according to the survey, Boston is the number one place in the country for hated bosses.

The website also reports on the stats of employees who consider their boss a good leader, a mentor and a friend.

Not so much happiness in Boston; Phoenix; Washington, D.C. Cincinnati; and Detroit.  The website cites those cities with office workers least happy with their managers.

I am extremely blessed at the moment with the bosses that I have, but I have not always been in this situation.

I once worked for a boss that CLEARLY had a "click."  If you were in, you were treated well.  If you were not, you were not.  I remember this boss of mine playing football with the boys that worked with me and when I saw that, I don't remember what I said, but I remember being happy and running up to him.  I think I just said hello or something like that.  He said to me, "The accounting was off in your cash register tonight.  What about that?"  I remember feeling AWFUL.  It made quite an impression on me and not in a good way.  He went from happiness and joy to a look of complete disgust on his face.

Maybe it's my karma coming back because now, I have unbelievably great bosses now.  Even if they don't appreciate my great cooking.  :)



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