According to, the tiny town of Woodsville, New Hampshire is home to the oldest candlepin bowling alley in the state! It also happens to be a pretty awesome pub that will transport you back to your college years. The name Room 111 at Victory Lanes is named after the owner's freshman year dorm room!

This patio is a perfect spot for you and your pals to reminisce about the shenanigans from the night before:

And this grilled cheese?! It's the perfect hangover cure and way better than than anything your dining hall could serve up:

What could be more festive for Halloween than "drunk gummies"?

You can always turn to your friends at Room 111 for wise words to live by:

I know where I am going tonight and it's not to the library to study for my Astronomy test! Sorry, I forgot I wasn't in college for a second. Party in Room 111!!!

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