So you know the old saying that "good things come in small packages"?

Well, Franklin might be one of the smallest cities in New Hampshire, but that's not stopping them from trying to make a difference in its schools.

WMUR TV is reporting that some people at the school noticed that a lot of the kids who were coming to school were wearing dirty clothes simply because they don't have a washer and dryer at home.


The robotics team wanted to help, according to the news station, and sent out letters asking for assistance.

And it seems that something good is happening from it.

In fact, the news station reported that a special delivery was made that had the teachers and kids crying: the school received clothes, washing machines, and dryers.

How amazing is that?

According to the principal of the school, she told WMUR, "I do think we have a lot of families that struggle, and I want them to know that the school is a partnership for them. I always tell parents, 'Tell me what you need. We can make it happen.'"

Sure enough, the school made it happen. And I can bet that this is only just the beginning in helping out students who are less fortunate.

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