Former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski officially retired from the NFL last month, but in true Gronk fashion, he left us with one last Gronk story.

And I think many will agree, it's the greatest one ever.

Because the only thing bigger than the impression Gronk made on us in his playing days is the one he made on the Lombardi Trophy in retirement.

Well, unless the impression he made on you is bigger than a baseball, because that is the exact size of the dent on the Super Bowl 53 Lombardi Trophy.

And that’s what he made it with.

Take a peek at this video posted by the Patriots official website of the often-playful Gronkowski using the trophy as a bat before an on-field appearance at the Boston Red Sox home opener April 9.

No one thought he would actually follow through on using the trophy as a bat ... until he squared around to "bunt" a warm-up pitch from Super Bowl MVP Julian Edelman, according to the Patriots article.

And if you think the team is upset about it, guess again. As executive vice president of media relations Stacey James said in the Patriots article: "We're going to keep the dent and tell the story."

Wow, only Gronk could pull that off. Love this guy!

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