It is no secret that we love the Fall here in New Hampshire. When the leaves start changing we can't fight that Fall feelin'. We want to eat cider donuts, chug all of the pumpkin beer and get lost in a corn maze while wearing a flannel.

According to, a website called Trips to Discover ranked the fifty states from most fall obsessed, to least fall obsessed. And OF COURSE New Hampshire came in at number one! Yay we won!

So, what data was gathered to produce these results? The site explains the extremely specific metrics. They analyzed:

  • the number of pumpkin patches per capita
  • Google search activity around fall terms such as “fall recipes” and “fall activities,”
  • The number of tweets related to fall using hashtags such as #fallseason, #leafpeeping, and #fallvibes.

I think New Hampshire's love of pumpkins is what put us at the top of the list. Did you know that Keene, New Hampshire, holds a Guinness World Record for most jack-o-lanterns displayed EVER?  30,581 pumpkins to be precise. FOR THE LOVE OF PUMPKIN SEEDS, THAT'S A LOT OF PUMPKINS!

New England states that also love all the Fall things are Vermont which came in at number two, Rhode Island at four, Massachusetts at nine. Check out the entire list of ratings here.

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