Right now, the housing market in Manchester is super-hot according to yahoo.com who reports on an article by Business Insider.  Jeff Nyhan, a real estate broker in the area tells Business Insider “If you have a home in the $300,000 to $400,000 range right now in the Greater Manchester area, it’s out the door as soon as you list it,” as reported by the news outlet.


Change in Work Habits May Be Part of the Reason


The pandemic has left lasting changes in America’s work habits.  Many companies have discovered that the employees have increased productivity working from home.  That means that some companies are ditching the overhead of large offices in the city and keeping their employees working from home.  Now the need to stay in a big city is unnecessary. If your commute is from the kitchen to your home office, you can live wherever you want, and apparently, people want to live in Manchester.


Why Manchester


Why not?  It’s a lovely little town, not too big but has nice attractions such as the Currier Museum, tiny shops and it's close to the ocean.  There are a few colleges and universities in Manchester and nearby.   The view of the Merrimack River is awesome from Manchester and hey, the lack of state income tax in New Hampshire is a bonus in addition to the view.  The trend in the country is people moving to less populated areas from the big cities.  Let’s hope they don’t fill up Manchester too much.  I love that little town.



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