Finding the perfect weekend getaway with your pup in New Hampshire can be tricky. The location of the getaway is the most important, and then there's cost, sleeping arrangements, activities to do, and nearby restaurants, that's it.

You may start to search for a getaway and realize it can't be doable unless you find a dog-sitter.

But thankfully, there are some pet-friendly hotels in the Granite State to make your decision-making easier, including this spot that's steps away from a beach!

It's called the Wolfeboro Inn, and it's located right off Lake Winnipesaukee. According to its website, there are a limited number of pet-friendly rooms for you to stay at and enjoy the area.

But here's the cool hook. From the hotel, you can take a five-minute walk downtown, which has many stores and restaurants. And get this: there's also a public beach right outside the hotel.

I even took my chocolate lab to it when I stayed at the spot.

There are seven public beaches you can drive or walk to in the Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, area, as well, if you want to change it up each day. But make sure to pack some extra towels if you and your pet bestie decide to take a dip at each beach.

The Wolfeboro Inn is no doubt a great place to look up if you can't find a pet sitter for the weekend. The view will be even more breathtaking when you take a picture with your pet bff, too.

What's your favorite hotel in New Hampshire to take your dog with you to?

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