The days are getting colder. And it won't be long until a white blanket of snow carpets the ground of New Hampshire. If you're a parent you know you can only send the kids outside for so long before they get as sick and tired of it as you do.

So you bring everyone inside, make cocoa, play games, or watch a movie. But that only lasts so long before everyone starts getting restless, the cocoa get spilled all over the couch, a fight breaks out over the board games, or someone hates the movie. In short, kids get restless. Which puts parents and adults on edge. Before you know it the day turns ugly and everyone is miserable.

John Gichigi/Getty Images

Well maybe it's time to check out Twice The Fun at 881 Central Ave in Dover, NH. With over 5,000 square feet of inflatables, climbing structures, playhouses, and trampolines
...this is a place where a kid can have some real fun...and not freeze their buns off, and you don't have to be worried about them tracking snow inside the house.

They have activities and rooms for kids of all ages. Have a sports star in the making? Then check out the sports room. Infants have a place to get away that's a little more low-key. And if you need a birthday party spot...Twice The Fun has one of the best in Dover.

Check out their website for a schedule of events and rates.

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