Things are starting to open back up again and it feels so good!

Looking For a Great Family Activity This Summer?

Why not tour the submarine, USS Albacore in Portsmouth?  You may have seen it as you're coming off of 95 on your way in to downtown Portsmouth.  Maybe you asked, "what is that thing?"  Well, the website says that the submarine was used for secret testing of high speed operations that are used in submarines today and you can go inside and take a look!

The Submarine is Educational

You and your kids will love it.  You'll be able to look through the periscope, check out the control room, bedrooms, (which are teeeeny weeeeny!) and hear the crew members tell stories about what happened when they were out at sea.  If that doesn't sound cool, I don't know what does.

Where was the USS Albacore Built?

Here in the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, so this is her home.

Why is the USS Albacore Special?

Among other things, prior to this vessel, submarines were designed as surface vessels that submerged.  The USS Albacore was the first designed to specifically operate underwater.

When is the USS Albacore Opening?

Glad you asked.  According to it's website, it's opening up on weekends, starting on May 8 for the month, then, they will be open 7 days a week come June!  Nice!

Are There Still COVID-19 Restrictions in Place?

Yes, they are asking that you please wear your mask and use hand sanitizer.  I'm not sure how they are going to enforce the 6 foot distancing rule.  I've been on that submarine and there's not a lot of room, but they are asking you to abide by it.


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