I've been fortunate enough to see Brett Eldredge in concert four times since I started working at WOKQ!

However, his show in Manchester over the weekend was by far my favorite. It was amazing to see him headline a show at such a packed venue! You could tell that he was feeding off of the high energy of the audience. Especially when he said "You guys are an awesome crowd. If it's okay with you, I am going to stay up here for awhile." It was more than okay with us.

A highlight was definitely when he brought out the one and only Edgar Boogie. Edgar riled up the crowd with his drool and charm.

I also loved when Brett's openers Abby Anderson and Devin Dawson joined Brett onstage for a cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". Their voices sounded SO good together.

But the moment that touched us all was when Brett pulled Samantha onstage. She was holding up a sign that said "Kickin' Cancer's Ass & Tonight I'm Fallin' In Love To The Beat of The Music"

Samantha and Brett boogied to his song "Love Someone" and when Brett sang "You laugh at the way I dance.." Samantha started dancing like no one was watching and it was seriously beautiful.

Brett gave Samantha the chance to forget about her battle with Cancer and be the star of the show. The entire crowd was changed for having witnessed it.

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