I know I post a lot about bowling, and that's because I don't do much else. However, I have never really discussed which professional bowlers are my favorite. Well, here are my top 5 favorite bowlers of all time.

5. Parker Bohn III
Parker is one of my favorites because of his classic, near perfect form and balance. He also has a great attitude on the lanes. I have met and bowled with Parker several times, and he is really a great guy. He has a sense of humor too.

Here Parker bowls a 300 on TV in 1998.

4. Tom Baker
Tom Baker has a bowling game that I would love to have. His win at the 2004 World Championship is still one of my favorite tournaments of all-time.

3. Pete Weber
Many people don't like Pete Weber, but I have stated before I love his attitude. He also throws a bowling ball better then anyone ever has. He is not afraid to get into his opponent's or a member of the audience's face.

"Who do you think you are, I am."

2. Brain Voss
Brian Voss is one of the funniest professional bowlers that there is, but he also has a bowling game that is one of the best. I got to meet Brian last year, and he is incredibly generous and personal.

1. Randy Pedersen
Randy is my favorite for many different reasons. I always loved his game, but he is also very funny. Randy also have a great knowledge of bowling, which has helped him become a great announcer for PBA events. It is on my bucket list to meet Randy.