Nearly 9 million people in the United States did not receive their stimulus check.  That number includes nearly 30,000 New Hampshire residents.  If you did not file, or were not required to file, a tax return in 2018 and do not collect government benefits you may have unclaimed stimulus funds.  According to, the deadline to claim your stimulus check is October 15.


Help is available. Staff attorney at the Low-Income Taxpayer Project is trying to help New Hampshire residents get their federal coronavirus stimulus checks.  She tells “Unfortunately, a lot of people who fall into this category who are on to the IRS radar to get the stimulus payment don’t have access to the internet.”


The easiest way to receive your unclaimed stimulus funds is to log onto the website and utilize the non-filer tool to claim your funds.  But not everyone has internet access and some libraries that do have internet access are closed due to the pandemic.  Another deadline that is looming is if you receive some federal income benefits and received the stimulus payment but did not receive the extra $500 for children, you have until September 30 to use the non-filer tool to claim them to get that payment.


If you need assistance in making this work per reporting from, you can call 211 to find your nearest free tax preparation site or call the Low-Income Taxpayer Project at 603-715-3288.  You can also call the United Way partnership with 211 at 844-322-3639.  If you did not receive your stimulus money, now is the time to act.



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