So much red tape.

According to, Anthony Brewer and Alexandria Pierce are involved in a brouhaha over a tiny house they have spent three years building.

My wife and I have always dreamed of downsizing and building one of these adorable homes.

Seems they are a problem with zoning boards, particularly the Alna Planning Board in Maine, according to the newspaper.

The couple is trying to do the right thing, applying for a zoning variance to allow them to either rent or live in the tiny house they have spent loving care and time constructing but have been thwarted at every turn, the newspaper stated.

Apparently, the BDN reported that they can’t even APPLY for a zoning variance because there is no variance to apply FOR.

According to, a dwelling must be a minimum of 600 square feet. End of story.

Local officials have suggested they start a petition to change the law or add 406 square feet to their tiny house to be legal, the newspaper stated.

The tiny house movement is gaining momentum across the county as couples are looking to downsize, care for elderly parents without losing their homes, and combat rising costs associated with larger dwellings.

I am rooting for Mr. Brewer and Ms. Pierce.  I hope to own a tiny home one day!




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