All week long, The Morning Waking has been giving away tickets to Toby's show on Saturday at The Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion. It is going to be a party and what better way to to get ready than by checking out his best drinking songs!

Drunk Americans

An ode to people of all stripes coming together for a drink! One of the songwriters, Brandi Clark, described it as a modern day Piano Man.



I Like Girls That Drink Beer

Well now, so do I!


I Love This Bar

For some reason, this is one of the top requests for people who are camping. Are the bars at these campgrounds?


Red Solo Cup

A song so stupid it's good. Now every time I see a red solo cup, the song gets stuck in my head. Damn you, Toby!


Beer For My Horses

Michael Salomon produced this video, and most of Toby's videos, but I think it is worth giving him a mention. The guy makes great music videos!


Get Drunk and Be Somebody

Sometimes a beverage will give you a new perspective, right? Right.


Drinks After Work

I love the bounce to this one. Barely cracking the Top 30 when it was released as a single, this rates as one of his more underrated songs IMO.


Whiskey Girl

The video is over ten years old now and saying it feels very two thousandy would be pretty accurate. In any event, I could never handle a whiskey girl.


Be sure to listen to The Morning Waking Crew at 6:10, 7:10 and 8:10 each morning to qualify for tickets!


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