Two pounds of food, a foot long, and finishing it off nets you free tacos for a year.

Face it, you've already devoured more than your share of Halloween candy. Not to mention, with terrible weather potentially cancelling or postponing trick-or-treating until this weekend, you're going to sit around with it tonight. Are you going to resist all the 'fun sizes?'

Also, let's take into account this week's weather being nothing short of gross. After 4-5 days of clouds and rain, the week has dragggged oooon foorrrever. Could there be a better time to eat your feelings than tonight?

If you feel like going house on a challenge of Mexican food, this is the final night for Margaritas Taco Gigante. According to their Facebook page, it's a crispy foot-long shell filled with seasoned chicken, ground beef, pork carnitas, bacon, refried beans, Mexican rice, cheese, lettuce, salsa fresca, queso, hacienda and picante sauces, crema, and pickled jalapenos. If you can devour this 2 pound mound of delicious, you can win free tacos for a year!

It's only good for dine-in customers. So, slide on your weekend pants, and brave the elements!


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