We're so grateful today for all of you.  We asked you to show up for our Caravan of Caring yesterday and boy did you deliver!

The idea of Caravan of Caring was to express our thanks to all the healthcare workers who are working tirelessly at our area hospitals, as well as bring a little cheer to some area nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

While we weren't sure what to expect, the parking lot here at 292 Middle Road in Dover was overflowing with cars.  Signs of thanks, decorated cars, even confetti cannons...you brought it!


Our hearts were swelling just from the outpouring and then in came the Superheroes on their motorcycles to round out our Caravan.  Spiderman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Captain America and more.  It was incredible.


Our sister station The Shark was there as well, representing Townsquare Media and it was a beautiful thing watching the community come together to spread some cheer.


We were able to go to Langdon Place and Bellamy Fields in Dover, Frisbee Memorial Hospital in Rochester and Portsmouth Regional Hospital with horns honking and confetti flowing!

For me personally, seeing the residents at Langdon Place tearing up from happiness during our first stop was so emotional and one of the highlights of the day. Without you, this couldn't have happened.

As far as the superheroes, what can I say?  They are known as the Rolling Smiles and boy did they live up to their name.

So, thank you, thank you, thank you.  From the bottom of our hearts, we are so grateful that we have the most amazing family of listeners here at Townsquare Media.


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