It's hard to believe that Toys R Us is closing it's doors for good tomorrow. My children will never know what it means to be a Toys R Us kid because all of their toys will be delivered to us via Amazon! And there is no song for that!

Geoffrey the Giraffe was the face of Toys R Us for as long as I can remember. I never got to meet him personally but I felt like I knew him.

When Toys R Us posted this heart wrenching photo of Geoffrey packing up his stuff surrounded by empty shelves, it pulled on my heart strings. Where will Geoffrey work now? Will they hire him at a day care? He never wants to grow up so I imagine a career being surrounded by children and toys would be quite fitting.

Since I cant be the only person who ugly cries today, here is the photo:

And in case you want to visit the place that holds all of the memories of your youth one last time, here is the list of Toys R Us Locations in New Hampshire:

310 Loudon Rd.Concord, NH

2 Keller Street Manchester, NH

16 Veterans Memorial Parkway Salem, NH

272 Daniel Webster Hwy Nashua, NH

85 Gosling Road Newington, NH

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