1. Hocus Pocus is not THAT good.

I will not get into all of my feelings, although if you are curious to learn how I feel about this overrated movie and why it's not that good, check out my article about it here.

The movie is okay. And if you like it, awesome. But let's not pretend it is the Elf of Halloween movies, because it's not even close.

That is my biggest issue with the movie, and the only reason I feel inclined to write about it. People make Hocus Pocus seem like the Elf or Grinch of Halloween. It cannot be. It simply isn't that good.

2. Trick-or-treat should be later.

When I was a kid, I thought trick-or-treat was always later. After dinner later. After the sun goes down later.

Last year, I had kiddos coming to trick or treat in the 3 and 4pm hours. I was shocked. Where is the fun and mystery of that?

Now, I understand that the lighter it is, the more safe. And maybe it was earlier than I think when I was a kid. That said, it was certainly dark.

Mother with her son and daughter in Halloween costumes
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3. Trick-or-treat in YOUR neighborhood (unless you absolutely cannot).

Okay, not everywhere is suited or safe to trick-or-treat. Those are certainly the exceptions. I know someone is going to get angry that I have this opinion, because I was privileged to grow up where it was safe to trick-or-treat.

So, if your neighborhood is unsafe or houses are miles apart, that is the exception.

That said, going to multiple neighborhoods to trick or treat or leaving your neighborhood because the one 10 minutes away has "better candy" or "better houses" is so silly.

You should BUILD your community and neighborhood. Make your neighborhood fun and different on Halloween.

I think it is a great day to meet your neighbors and their families. No, not just your direct neighbors, but the ones that are a fifteen minute walk away.

4. Carve pumpkins without a template.  

Why do we carve pumpkins? For fun or decoration? If you are doing it to make your house look incredible, or for a magazine, sure. Trace a template on a piece of paper.


If you are carving pumpkins for fun, family memories, date night, or any reason other than to be on a cover of a magazine, make your own.

It is more satisfying seeing your work come to life, rather than a perfect witch or jack-o-lantern from Google Images.

5.  Candy Corn is not GOOD. 

I like candy corn, honestly, for about five minutes every year. Seriously. I will eat the crayon tasting candy for a few handfuls, then after that I realize it tastes like melted plastic.

6. Welch's Fruit Snacks are candy. 

HOT TAKE ALERT. If I got some fruit snacks in my bag, I would be pumped.

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