*sigh* It's the end of an era. If you are a fan of "deck hopping" in downtown Portsmouth, chances are, your travels have taken you to Lazy Jack's.

This place is a whole damn vibe, as the kids say. If you don't look at the rest of your surroundings, the decor and energy of this harborside dive makes you feel like you are somewhere in the Florida Keys.

The bright loud decor and island tunes blaring in the speakers scream "summertime" in the best possible way.

Lazy Jack's made the bittersweet announcement on social media that this will be their final season. After 10 years of serving up smiles in the form of tropical drinks, Lazy Jack's will be no more.

Why is Lazy Jack's closing? Are they being forced out?

According to one of the commenters, the owner passed away at the end of last season, and the family is looking to sell the property. They were gracious enough to come back for one last summer!

Lazy Jacks via Facebook
Lazy Jacks via Facebook

The comments started to pour in, and people are bidding farewell to one of their favorite downtown spots:

Valerie said on Facebook:

"Definitely the closest we could find to Key West here in Portsmouth ❤️ Will miss it!"

Grab your pals and head to Lazy Jack's for one final cold one, and grab your koozie while supplies last.

It will be interesting to see what goes in its place. I think I speak for many of the deck-hoppers out there when I say that I hope whatever replaces Lazy Jack's maintains its casual and unpretentious energy.

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