New York Post is reporting on a violent incident in Windham, NH at a polling place that occurred during primary voting. The report alleges that Patrick Bradley went after a teen who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat at a campaign tent for Trump after voting at Windham High School. The report from the New York Post goes on to say that after Bradly allegedly slapped the teen, he then went after two adults who attempted to get involved.

Patrick Bradley has been charged with assault and disorderly conduct and held on bail of $5000. The teen's mother was quoted by Fox News as saying about the attack, “My son was standing outside on the sidewalk and he said, ‘Have a nice night,’ he said it to everyone. But this man was triggered.” Whatever your political opinion, I think we can agree that violence is never necessary. No matter if there was taunting or shouting, no violence is ever the answer. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail, it’s going to a be a long election year.


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