Get Ready for some Good Eats and Drinks


Over on Crystal Avenue in Derry, there will be a new place called Grindhouse Meat Co. and Backyard Brewery and Tasting Room.  Grindhouse is a very appropriate name since they will be doing meat processing on site.  In addition to preparing fresh meat for the Tuckaway Tavern, they will also be supplying meat for the Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond, Ride + Grind in Durham, and Hop + Grind in Peabody, Massachusetts.  They will also be acting as a meat wholesaler per the



Derry Planning Board Has Approved the Design


Owner of the Tuckaway Tavern in Raymond, Rise + Grind in and Hop + Grind, Bobby Marcottte tells “Labor the way it is, it makes no sense to fully staff chefs in all three locations when really we could be facilitating them all in one while using them for other things as well.” The company had to find a large facility to conduct the meat processing according to regulatory requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture.  The new facility will have a USDA inspector on-site.


Picking up a Burger and a Meat Order


While picking up a burger and a brew at the Backyard Brewery and Tasting Room, you can also pick up some fresh meat to put in your freezer at home.  They say never to shop on an empty stomach.  The Brewery will also be looking into expanding their beer production and possibly looking into making some larger.  It’s an exciting plan for Derry which will create more jobs and give us all some good brews and fresh meats.



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