Portsmouth is ground zero for an invasive species that serves no purpose and smells bad? I'm pretty sure stink bugs are hipsters.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug first appeared in the seacoast just six years ago, according to Fosters.com, which I suppose is technically later than hipsters descending on the New Hampshire seacoast town.

While Portsmouth is referred to as ground zero for stink bugs/hipsters, they've since spread to surrounding towns such as Dover, Exeter and Durham. Presumably this is because of the cost of living and difficult parking.

While they're mostly harmless, if you try moving them you may encounter a little bit of a stink. Residents are encouraged to keep skinny jeans, PBR and ironic decor outside of their residence to avoid attracting the pests.  Research is currently being conducted to determine whether playing mainstream music will eradicate the nuisance from your home.