The Good News is Movies are Coming Back!

The great news for us movie lovers is they are coming back to movie theaters where you can truly experience a film as it was meant to be seen.  My wife is a huge Star Wars fan and she says seeing that movie in a movie theater as a kid changed her life.  She says the television screen just doesn’t provide you with the right experience.  Personally, I like movies where stuff blows up.


Apple Cinemas to Open in September


Apple Cinemas is opening locations in Hooksett and Merrimack in September according to  General manager Diane Raymond tells “The smell of popcorn is in the air and the customers coming in just cannot wait.  Watching the movie theater industry go downhill during COVID was really, really hard.


One Barrier to Movie Theaters Reopening


The one barrier that Raymond says she is having a tough time with is finding employees to hire.  The theaters are in the process of being deep cleaned and Apple Cinemas plans to follow all COVID protocols.  Now is your chance to get a fun job at the movie theater and see all the movies when they first come out.  I would probably eat my body weight in popcorn if I worked in a movie theater, I love that smell!  My favorite go-to snack at the theater is still Junior Mints.  It’s not really a movie without my Junior Mints.  Now is your chance to get a job at a movie theater so check them out.


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