If you know someone battling MS (Multiple Sclerosis), then you know the INTENSE amount of pain they can experience, and it comes on at the drop of a dime. One day they can feel good and their joints are those of a 20-year-old's, and the next day they just get walloped with pain and aches.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS is "a chronic, inflammatory disease that involves immune-mediated attacks on the central nervous system." In lesser words, the disease basically just attacks you over and over (hence the above mention of being fine one minute and then in crippling pain the next), and in some cases, can render you disabled.

Needless to say, it's one of those diseases that's important to fundraise to find a cure for. And unfortunately, like almost every other important fundraising event, the pandemic has caused fundraising efforts to take a massive hit. The even more unfortunate circumstance -- Maine has one of the highest occurrences of MS in the country.

Krissy Cormier, who works for the National MS Society and sits in the Maine office, actually pointed out proximity to the equator actually affects cases. Basically, the further you are from it, the more cases there are (and it's pretty clear we're pretty far from it.)

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Krissy also oversees the fundraising events to battle MS in the state, and mentioned that in a time where their fundraising has taken a MAJOR hit due to COVID, there are a couple of events coming up over the next few months to help raise funds to keep that battle to find a cure going. And remember, this is even more important to Mainers because we have so many cases here, and the fundraising dollars are dispersed to those areas affected the most.

The Walk MS: Move Forward Your Way event happens in Maine on Saturday, May 1, 2021. And that goes for ALL Maine chapters -- South Portland, Kennebunk, and Auburn. For what it's worth, it goes off the same day for all New Hampshire chapters, too, in Portsmouth, Manchester, and Nashua. This will be a virtual event, which means you can just walk around your neighborhood, walk with friends/family around the park, the choice is yours!

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Their largest fundraiser of the year, Bike MS: Great Maine Getaway 2021 goes down on Saturday, August 7, 2021, and it's honestly one of the best events. When else do you get to do genuine good at the same time as biking by some of the best beaches and coastal towns in the country than with Bike MS? The ride is just a one-dayer and runs from Biddeford Pool to Kennebunkport.

Our community is one of the best, so let's prove it and help out our own that are suffering from MS, while we have some fun and enjoy some great weather in one of the best areas of the country at the same time!

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