I love watching the aftermath of the Superbowl when people have their tail between their legs (in this case, pun intended) and have to make good on the bets they have made. I enjoy it less when my team loses and our people are put through the shame but hey, that's the risk we took in making the bet.

This is my favorite make good I have seen:

Massachusetts based breweries and Philly based breweries bet that if the Pats came out victorious in the big game, the entire staff at a Philly based brewery would rock Goat masks the day after the game. If the Eagles won, the New Englanders had to rock the notorious underdog masks the next day.

Well, we all know how Sunday night panned out. So here is the aftermath:

Sam Adams

Boston, MA

Jack's Abby

Framingham, MA

That is just good sportsmanship all around, I love it!

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