For those unaware, the Uno's location at the Week's Crossing in Dover closed way back in January and remains vacant. As a resident in town, I have some thoughts about what should move in. Here are five establishments that could set up shop.



Why not open a second location where there used to be a roundabout? They could offer both a late night and breakfast option to the north side of town. Likewise, The Thirsty Moose has shown that you can be successful in both Dover and Portsmouth.

WHY IT WOULD BE AWESOME: The food is phenomenal and there isn't much of a breakfast presence in that part of town. And hey, not a national chain!
WHY IT WOULDN'T: Their location at the Portsmouth Traffic Circle is less than 15 minutes away.



They used to be staple at this location, serving breakfast for years . They relocated post construction to where Starbucks now resides but eventually closed up and now only one New Hampshire location remains (and five total).

WHY IT WOULD BE AWESOME: It is so much fun to say with a New England accent.
WHY IT WOULDN'T: It didn't work out so well before, now did it?



Despite the national chain's name, their success doesn't really rely on their wings (which are reportedly pretty good) so much as being a great place to watch a game. They're a sports bar and we don't have a dedicated sports bar in Dover.

WHY IT WOULD BE AWESOME: There are only a handful of places to watch a game with friends in town and they're mobbed every Sunday.
WHY IT WOULDN'T: The 99, Chili's and Applebee's have fairly similar menus and Buffalo Wild Wings doesn't stray too far from standard American fare either.



The Newington location is unbelievably busy, which speaks both to the popularity of this chain and the viability. There is something to be said about an affordable Italian food restaurant that you can bring kids your kids to.

WHY IT WOULD BE AWESOME: An inexpensive place to bring your kids and, hey, those all you can eat bread sticks!
WHY IT WOULDN'T: There are loads of great local Italian restaurants that deserve your business, including Patty B's, Alexander's and P&T North End Station.



This hugely popular chain is kid and retiree friendly, being more restaurant than bar, and they serve breakfast all day. The nearest locations to the seacoast are Londonderry and South Portland, so it could certainly expand into the area.

WHY IT WOULD BE AWESOME: They serve a solid breakfast, which as mentioned before is lacking in that part of town, and a good overall value restaurant rather than a bar.
WHY IT WOULDN'T: It isn't altogether different than Friendly's, which is already in the same neighborhood.


So What do you think? Do you like any of these suggestions or do you have another idea in mind? Let me know!


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