Imagine a beautiful day, the ocean breeze gently blowing, the sand between your toes walking along Hampton Beach. You might expect to find some sea shells, or maybe even some lost treasure on your journey.

That’s not exactly how the day went for a Kingston, Massachusetts, woman last Tuesday.

Ellen Copello tells the that she was spending the day at the beach when she spotted something completely unexpected. It was an urn with gold letters spelling out “Grandma."

Copello says that she recognized it to be an urn right away. She tells that she couldn’t imagine leaving it there so she called her husband to have him come help pick it up.

They turned the urn in to state park officials who then turned it over to the Hampton Police.

Deputy Police Chief Dave Hobbs tells that they are actively looking for the owner. The Division of Parks and Recreation spokesperson, Brent Wucher, says this is not something they’ve had to deal with before but obviously need to treat the situation with the utmost respect.

According to, the urn is in good condition and doesn’t appear to have been in the water for long.

The police department has contacted local funeral homes and is looking for anyone who may be able to help If you know anything about this urn, please contact the Hampton Police Department at 929-4444.

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