As a member of the Jewish Community and a resident of Portsmouth seeing this really broke my heart. Greg Danilowski, a member of the (un)official City of Portsmouth, NH Facebook group shared the photo below with the caption:

"This is what I woke up to this morning. I’m so mad I can’t think of what I want to say. I’m trying to raise my young children to love and accept everybody. I don’t love this person. Your stupid act of hate right outside my doorstep and across the street from our neighbors, the Temple Israel, will not be tolerated."

Greg Danilowski via Facebook
Greg Danilowski via Facebook

The one positive? This act of hate is being met with an outpouring of love. Someone who lives across the street has surveillance cameras and said they will check to see if they caught the person/people who did this. So many people are coming forward asking how they can help. Can they paint over the hateful message and create something beautiful? Maybe a mural? Severino construction has given their blessing that the barricades can be painted over because it is technically not their property. Folks are meeting at the sight around noon today to start painting.

Get in touch with Greg Danilowski or Corey MacDonald on Facebook if you'd like to join their efforts.


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